Virtual Conference
•     Endocarditis
•     Hypertension
•     Septal Defects
•     Cyanotic Defects
•     Transposition of great arteries
•     Angina Pectoris
•     Developmental Problems
•     Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy
•     Heart and Breast Cancer
•     Anticancer Therapies
•     Cardiac Neoplasms
•     Biomarkers
•     Advanced Cancer Treatment
•     Nuclear Cardiology
•     Targeted Therapy
•     Fetal Heart Tumor
•      Coagulation and Thrombosis
Insertion of PacemakerICDVAD and TAH
•      Cardiothoracic Surgery
•      Maze Surgery
•      Septal Myectomy
•      Experimental Surgery
•      Cardioversion
Heart Valve Repair or Replacement
Complications during Cardiac Surgery
•      Aneurysm Repair
Controversaries in Coronary Interventions
Artificial Intelligence enters CT Imaging
•      Clinical Radiology
•      Paediatric Radiology
4D flow Imaging in Congenital and Acquired Cardiovascular Disease
Pregnancy-related disorders and Risk Management
Persistence of weight gain after Pregnancy
Prenatal Diagnosis
Cardiac Problems during Pregnancy
Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention in Women
Mental stress and Depression
Valve-in-valve Procedure
Protein patch for Heart muscle growth
Organ Conformal Electronics
Cardiac Decellularization and Engineered Heart Tissue  
Small, Portable ECMO Devices
Engineered Heart Valve
Magnetic Navigation and Robotic Systems
Pluripotent Stem Cells and Transdifferentiated Cardiomyocytes
 Maintain Healthy Lifestyles
 Dyslipidemia and Risk Factors
 Stroke Interventions
•       Bariatric Surgery
•       Lipid-lowering therapies
•       Obesity in Hypertensive patients
•       Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury
•       Neurogenic Stress Cardiomyopathy
•       Cerebral Embolism
•       Epilepsy
•       Encephalopathy
•      Vasoreactivity
•      Vascular Healing
•      Clotting cascade
Cardiac Diet
Cardiovascular Intensive Care units
•      Emergency Medicine
Arrhythmias, General-Treatment
Medical Management
Improving ECG Interpretation in Athletes
Sports and Disorder Patient-Centred Counselling
Drug Discovery
Cardiovascular Medicines
Drug-induced Cardiac Toxicity
Resuscitation and Emergency Infusions
Cardiotoxicity of Cytotoxic Drugs
•      Electrophysiology
•      Immune Cells and Immunotherapy 
•      Immunoglobin Deficiencies
•      Genetics of Heart and Vascular Diseases
•      Blood Cells and Coagulation
•      Blood Cancer
•      Haemolytic Anaemia
•      Haematopoiesis and Haemostasis
•      Perfusion
Blood Pressure Variations
Stress Management
•      Anxiety
Essential and Secondary Hypertension
Blocking of Oxygen Delivery to the Heart
Blood Clots in Valves
Shortness of Breath
•      Endothelial Dysfunction in COVID-19
•     Case Reports on Arrhythmias
•     Case Reports on Atherosclerosis
•     Case Reports on Heart Devices
•     Case Reports on Cardiovascular and Cardiac Research
•     Case Reports on Pediatric Cardiology
•     Case Reports on Heart Diagnosis
•     Case Reports on Heart Disease & Failure
•     Case Reports on Cardiac Surgery
•     Case Reports on Vascular Heart Disease
•     Cardiac Emergencies
•     Advanced Airway Management
•     Post-Cardiac Arrest Care
•     Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Techniques
•     Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) 
•     Targeted Temperature Management (TTM)
•     Pericardial Effusion
•     Cardiac Tamponade