Heart Conference 2024
Inderjeet Singh Monga

Command Hospital, India

"International Webinar on Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases" was a wonderful conference, very well organized. It was an academic feast indeed. Looking forward to be part of the Heart Congress 2024 at Bangkok, Thailand.

Heart Congress 2024
Ahmad El Ouweini

Gulf Medical University; Thumbay University Hospital, UAE

Honored and excited to be invited as Keynote Speaker in the "World Congress on Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases"  that took place in Dubai. During this congress, I shared with a diverse group of over 50 esteemed cardiovascular experts from different global regions the historical background, the latest updates in the pharmacotherapeutic options for Dyslipidemia management, and the future directions in pharmaceutical innovations in this field. It is always great to represent the College of Pharmacy - Gulf Medical University in such international platforms for knowledge transfer and global impact.

Cardiology conference 2024
Swetha Kannan

Gulf Medical University, UAE

The Heart Congress was very well organized by the Scientex Organization. It was informative, interactive and overall a wonderful experience in connecting with doctors all around the world!

Cardiology congress 2024
Irina A Mandel

Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Specialized Medical Assistance and Medical Technologies of the Federal Medical Biological Agency, Russian Federation

Hello! I liked Heart Conference 2023, it was interesting, and I met a lot of people who become my friends. We continue to discuss our professional tips. So thank you for this opportunity!

Heart Conference 2024
Dolbnya Pavel Vasilievich

GBUZ SK “GKB Pyatigorsk”, Russian Federation

Hello! It was a great congress, which was filled with a lot of scientific and practical information! I was very glad to participate! I hope to attend your upcoming Heart conference as well!

Cardiology conference 2024
Helena Correia

Hospital de Santa Maria – Centro Hospitalar Universitario Lisboa Norte, Portugal

Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to participate and for giving me the access so I can attend online to the congress. Thank you for your kind words about my participation and thank you for your attention since the invitation till the congress last day.