Track: Cardiovascular Anaesthesiology and Endocrinology

Cardiology Congress 2024


"Intersecting Pathways: Optimal Care Through Cardiovascular Anaesthesia and Endocrinology"

Cardiovascular Anaesthesiology is a subspecialty of anesthesiology that focuses on the perioperative management of patients having cardiovascular operations. Cardiovascular anaesthesiologists are in charge of assuring patients' safety and well-being during surgery on the heartblood arteries, and other cardiovascular structures. They closely monitor vital signs, give anesthetic, control hemodynamics, and use modern procedures to keep cardiovascular function steady throughout the treatment. They collaborate with the surgical team to improve patient outcomes and manage potential anesthetic and cardiovascular system problems.

Cardiovascular Endocrinology is the study of the interactions between hormones, endocrine diseases, and cardiovascular health. Hormones are important in controlling circulatory function, and hormonal abnormalities or dysregulation can contribute to the development or progression of cardiovascular disease.