Track: Cardiac Immunology and Bleeding Disorders

Heart Congress


"Unleashing the Immune Shield: Advancing Cardiac Health Through the Science of Cardiac Immunology."

Cardiac Immunology is a subfield of medicine that studies the function of the immune system in cardiovascular health and illness. It investigates the relationship between the immune system and the heartBleeding disorders are a set of medical illnesses characterized by abnormal bleeding or clotting tendencies. They are sometimes known as coagulation disorders or hemostatic disorders. These illnesses, which disrupt the body's ability to create blood clots or maintain normal clotting function, can be inherited or acquired.

•      Electrophysiology
      Immune Cells and Immunotherapy 
      Immunoglobin Deficiencies
      Genetics of Heart and Vascular Diseases
•      Blood Cells and Coagulation
•      Blood Cancer
      Haemolytic Anaemia
•      Haematopoiesis and Haemostasis