Track: Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

Heart Summit 2024


"Surgical Precision: Innovating Solutions for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Challenges."

Thoracic Surgery:  It treats the organs present in the thoracic cavity (Chest Area), namely the heart, lungs, and oesophagus. Emphysema, end-stage lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, and chest wall tumours are the most common conditions treated with this operation. Thoracic surgery also includes the removal of the cancer-affected lung, lung transplantationheart transplantation, and coronary artery bypass surgery.

Cardiovascular SurgeryHeart surgery is referred to as cardiovascular surgery. It relates to a surgical procedure involving the heart or the blood arteries that supply the heart with blood.

Types of Thoracic and Heart Surgeries are:

•      Wedge Resection
      Mediastinal, Pericardial, and Thymus Thoracoscopic procedures
Insertion of PacemakerICDVAD and TAH
      Cardiothoracic Surgery
•      Maze Surgery
•      Septal Myectomy
•      Experimental Surgery
•      Cardioversion
Heart Valve Repair or Replacement
Complications during Cardiac Surgery
      Aneurysm Repair

These are the some procedures which is performed by cardiothoracic or cardiac surgeons.