Track: Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart Conference 2024


"Unlocking the Secrets of Cardiovascular Health: Pioneering Science for Stronger Hearts"

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) are defined as any significant, abnormal condition of the heart or blood vessels (arteries and veins). This syndrome causes the heart, brain, kidney, liver, and all other body organs to get insufficient blood flow, giving rise to various forms of cardiovascular disease or, depending on its severity, death. Age, sex, genetics, high blood pressure, smoking, inactivity, poor diet, obesity, depression, etc. are some of the risk factors that contribute to the development of these conditions. Strategies for prevention and management include dietary changes, prescription drugs, surgical procedures, and cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Some of the Cardiovascular diseases are:

•      Coagulation and Thrombosis
•      Acute limb Ischemia