Track: Women and Fetal Cardiology

Heart Congress 2024


"Taking Care of Hearts at Every Stage: Strengthening Women and Fetal Health through Cardiology."

Women of any age can be affected by heart disease, which is the top cause of death for women in the US. People designated female at birth (AFAB) are uniquely impacted by Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). An individual's risk factors, symptoms, and other elements of cardiovascular health appear to be influenced by sex-specific changes in anatomy, red blood cell count, and hormones.

Fetal Cardiology is a field of medicine that focuses on involving specialized ultrasound techniques and procedures to diagnose and treat congenital heart abnormalities in unborn babies during pregnancy.

Pregnancy-related disorders and Risk Management
Persistence of weight gain after Pregnancy
Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention in Women
Mental stress and Depression
Hormone Replacement Therapy
       Cleft Lip / Cleft Plate
Prenatal Diagnosis