Track: Geriatric and Veterinary Cardiology

Cardiovascular Meeting 2024


"Hearts Across Generations: Discovery of the Current State of Geriatric and Veterinary Cardiology"

Geriatric Cardiology: The diagnosis, treatment, and management of heart-related diseases in older persons is the emphasis of geriatric cardiology. Individuals may become more susceptible to cardiovascular problems as they age, such as heart failurearrhythmias, and coronary artery diseaseGeriatric cardiology tackles the special issues and considerations associated with cardiovascular treatment in the aged population, such as managing various comorbidities and age-related physiologic changes.

Veterinary Cardiology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of heart disorders in animals, with a particular emphasis on companion animals such as dogs and cats. Veterinary cardiologists diagnose and treat problems in animals Veterinary cardiology, like human cardiology, uses diagnostic technologies such as echocardiographyelectrocardiography, and cardiac imaging to assess heart health and establish treatment strategies tailored to each animal's needs.