Track: Molecular Cardiology and Vascular Biology

Heart Diseases 2024


"Decoding the Blueprint: Untangling Molecular Cardiology and Vascular Biology"

Molecular CardiologyWith the goal of using molecular biology tools for the mechanistic exploration, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular illness, molecular cardiology is a young and rapidly expanding field of cardiovascular medicine.

Vascular Biology: The study of blood vessels, such as arteries, veins, and capillaries, including their structure, operation, and control, is known as vascular biology. It includes research on vascular physiology, pathology, and development, with an emphasis on processes like angiogenesis (the production of new blood vessels), vasculogenesis, etc. Vascular biology seeks to expand our knowledge of vascular health and illness, which could have an impact on the creation of novel treatments and interventions.

Vascular Aging and Stroke
Body Signal Monitoring
Cardio-Metabolic Disease
Cardiovascular Gender Medicine
Body Signal Research - Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Risk
Protein Misfolding
Extracellular Vesicles 
Cardiovascular Epigenetics & Regenerative Medicine
       Cerebrovascular Blood flow
       Vascular Remodelling
       Vascular Tone Regulation
•       Vascular Healing
       Clotting cascade