Virtual Conference

Sridevi Chigullapalli

Dr D Y Patil Medical college and Hospital and Research Centre, India

Title: Exercise induced Brugada Type I pattern of ECG in a asymptomatic adult male


Brugada  syndrome is a rare inherited channelopathy  leading to ventricular fibrillation & sudden cardiac death in structurally normal hearts.
It is well known that brugada pattern is unmasked by sodium channel blocking  agents  like ajmaline,flecainide, procainamide and  enhanced vagal tone( 1). Adrenargic  stimulation  with exercise and isoprenaline decreases the elevation of ST segment (2). Here  with we present a ECG image of  a patient who developed type I Brugada ECG pattern ( RBBB,ST elevation with T inversion in V1) during routine stress test which is done for annual health check up. Only few case reports  are available which showed exercise induced type I Brugada  pattern( 3). RBBB during exercise can occur rarely as a benign finding in which ST depression is seen V1 and V2.RBBB can  be rarely due to ischemia during exercise and it is characterized by Q RBBB with ST elevation in V1,V2 and ST depression in V5,V6.In our patient RBBB with ST elevation in V1 is seen with no ST depression in V5,V6.


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