Virtual Conference

Long Nguyen Tuan

Tam Anh Hospital, Vietnam

Title: A massive renal infarction due to atheroemboli: A case report


The symptoms of acute renal infarction (ARI) caused by atheroemboli are vague, making it rare. Early diagnosis of renal infarction can be made through contrast-enhanced CT of the abdomen. However, diagnosing atheroemboli is more challenging. Kidney biopsy is the most accurate method to determine the cause, but it may not always be available in clinical settings. In cases where a thrombectomy is performed, white substances in thrombus aspiration or the patient's blood can suggest a diagnosis. Intervention is an effective technique, but there is controversy due to a lack of data, particularly in lobular artery infarction. We successfully treated one case using thrombus aspiration, and the specimens suggested atherosclerosis as the cause. 


Long Nguyen Tuan completed his master of cardiology training at Hanoi Medical University and holds over a decade of experience in the field of cardiology and interventional cardiology. Additionally, he is a published author with various contributions to reputable cardiovascular journals.