Virtual Conference

Karen Condori Alvino

National Institute of Children’s Health of San Borja, Peru

Title: Transposition of great arteries and a rare extra cardiac association, that will question what is the best conduct to follow


Transposition of great arteries is one of the most common and severe congenital heart diseases, but also one of the most mysterious. It represents 5% of all congenital heart diseases and 34% of trunk-cone defects with situs solitus. Without treatment, 30% of cases die before the first month and 90% before the first year. We present a case of a patient with this heart disease, in whom the common images do not meet the diagnostic criteria, because a rare extracardiac association (left pulmonary agenesis) would change the clinical management. 


Karen Condori Alvino is 36 years old, she earned her medical degree in Pediatric Cardiology at (Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University). She has 7 years of experience in the diagnosis, management and follow up of congenital and acquired heart disease, and 4 years in the area of Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization. She currently works at the Institute of Children’s Health of San Borja, her interest is Research and continuous learning; she wants families to understand the complexity of cardiac anatomy in a simple way and thus carry out management and prevention together.