Virtual Conference

Dragan Novosel

Faculty of Medicine in Osijek, Croatia

Title: Determinants of five-year mortality in patients with heart failure


We conducted a cohort study on 260 subjects with heart failure who were hospitalized at the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases of the Clinical Hospital Center Osijek for a period of 7 years with inclusion from 2013. to 2015. and follow up for five years. The aim of the research was to determine how much the nutritional and functional status of the patient determines five-year mortality in patients with heart failure in relation to NT pro BNP and galectin 3. SPPB (Short Physical Performance Battery), MNA (Mini Nutritional Assessment) and NRI (Nutritional Risk Index) were used to assess nutritional and functional status. After a five-year follow-up, the best predictor of mortality was SPPB with p <0.001, which has a stronger statistical correlation than galektin 3 and NT pro BNP.


Dragan Novosel is the author and co-author of 10 scientific articles in the field of cardiology and nephrology, 3 chapters in the university textbooks of the University of Zagreb and J.J Strossmayer University in Osijek, the author of seven posters at national and international congresses, and the author and co-author of six lectures at national and international congresses. This year he completed his doctorate on the topic of heart failure and nutritional and functional status and he work as cardiologist.