Virtual Conference

Stanislav Juhas

Eastslovac Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Slovakia

Title: Catheter based therapy of Cor Triatriatum Sinister – Case report


Cor triatriatum Sinister (CTS) is a rare cardiac  congenital anomaly. Left atrium is separated by the membrane which is the cause of obstruction in blood flow from pulmonic veins to mitral valve, and mimicks the clinic manifestation of mitral stenosis with pulmonic congestion and pulmonary hypertension. Surgical resection of the membrane is the best option, but there is also possibility of transcatheter intervention. We here present the patient with the anomaly of CTS, who undervent cardiac catheterization and successful balloon dilatation of the orifice in the membrane with positive haemodynamic and clinical result.


Stanislav Juhas had final examination of PhD in the year 1997, in 1996-2010 he was a head of Cardiology Dept. of Eastslovac Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases. From this time he works as consultant in interventional cardiology and as a teacher for Medical Faculty of University of P. J. Safark in Kosice, Slovakia. He has over 100 lectures on congresses at home and abroad, also did 24 publications in Slovak and international journals.