Virtual Conference

Jamisson Garrote Teixeira

Hospital Memorial Arthur Ramos, Brazil

Title: Diagnosis and management of acute limb ischemia in patient post Covid-19 infection


The Sars-Cov-2 pandemic established challenges and encouraged the development of different therapeutic tactics. Clinical features and patients’ outcomes had been reported, including a hypercoagulable state and vasculitis mimics in affected patients. The aim of this study is to describe the clinical conditions and treatments in three patients who developed acute limb ischemia after infection by coronavirus disease (Covid-19). All studied patients recovered without sequelae. Low incidence and few described case reports make difficult to establish therapeutic criteria and options for cases of early or late ischemia in infected patients with the new coronavirus.


Medical degree, Universidade Federal de Alagoas (UFAL); General surgeon, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná; Vascular surgeon, Hospital Memorial Arthur Ramos (HMAR); Vascular Ultrasound, Hospital Memorial Arthur Ramos (HMAR).