Virtual Conference
Heart Congress

Gulnora Anatolyevna Nagaeva

Multidisciplinary Medical Center “Ezgu Niyat”, Uzbekistan

Title: Some risk factors and the severity of coronary heart disease


Purpose: A summary assessment of risk factors in relation to the severity of coronary heart disease (CHD).

Material and Methods: 159 men with various forms of CHD were examined. The average age is 53.4±10.0 years. Depending on the form of CHD, 3 groups were identified: Group 1 - 68 patients with stable CHD (control); group 2 - 38 patients with NSTEMI and group 3 - 53 patients with STEMI.

Results: Analysis of groups by age found that the persons of group 3 were the youngest (average age = 50.7 ± 10.3 years, which is 5.7 years (p = 0.001) and 1.1 years (p = 0.618) younger than in groups 1 and 2). In the 3rd group, in a comparative aspect, patients aged 18-44 years prevailed (26.4% - in the 3rd vs 23.7% - in the 2nd (p=0.027 and ?2=4.869) and 7.4% - in the 1st. (p= 0.009 and ?2=6.800)); in 1st. – persons aged 45-59 years prevailed (55.9% - in the 1st vs. 50.9% - in the 3rd (?=0.721 and ?2=0.127) and 42.1% - in the 2nd (?=0.247 and ?2=1.341)). The average BMI was 29.5±4.0 kg/m2, while the presence of obesity took place in the 1st - in 45.6%; in the 2nd - in 36.8% and in the 3rd - in 39.6% of patients. Obesity of the 1st degree was registered only in patients of the 1st group. The average number of risk factors was the smallest in patients of group 3 (all p>0.05). The average SYNTAX-score was the highest in group 3. The values of total cholesterol and blood triglycerides were the lowest in patients of the 3rd group.

Conclusion: Patients with STEMI were the youngest, they were dominated by persons of the category 18-44 years old, the highest score was recorded according to the SYNTAX-score, but the fewest risk factors were noted, including less pronounced dyslipidemia.


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