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Cardiology Webinar

Ferdush Jahan

National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Bangladesh

Title: Socio-demographic and Clinical Profile of Bangladeshi COVID 19 Patients with their Clinical Outcome in National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Dhaka


Background: The novel corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic is a major global health threat of the twenty-first century. Clinical presentation , rapid identification of causes and isolation are vital for containments of rapidly spreading disease. The objective of the study was to report early findings on demographic profile, clinical presentation of the confirmed covid-19 patients with their clinical outcome.

Methods: This observational study was conducted in Microbiology department of National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) for the period of October 01, 2020 to November 30, 2020. Total 300 positive covid-19 patients were included and interviewed. Informed written consent was ensured before participation. After collection, Data were analysed to show the characteristics of covid-19 cases and their clinical outcome after treatment.

Results: Among the 300 cases 228 (76%) patients were male and 72 (24%) patients were female. Average age of the patients was 39 years. The most commonly observed symptoms were fever (70%), followed by cough (55%), Breathlessness (42%), Dysgeusia (38%), Anosmia (25%). Respiratory symptom was the dominant feature of clinical presentation. The most prevalent affected age groups were 114 (38%) patients in 41-50 years age, 102 (34%) patients in 31- 40 years age. Among the total cases 255 (85%) patients were Urban residents and 234 (78%) had contact history. Among 300 patients 102 (34%) patients had co-morbidities and presence of co-morbidities (p<0.01) were significantly associated with mortality. The death rate was 2%.

Conclusion: Male patients were more affected than female. Typical presentations were fever , cough, breathlessness, dysgeusia and anosmia. Requirement of ICU was 6% and overall mortality was 2% which was associated with co-morbidities. Ensuring proper oxygen therapy and addressing co-morbidities adequately are very important measure to mitigate covid-19 in Bangladesh like the rest of the world.


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