Virtual Conference
Cardiology Conference 2023

Debasish Roychoudhury

Weill Cornell University, USA

Title: Primary left atrial leiomyosarcoma; An elusive tumor revisited


Primary cardiac tumors are exceedingly rare with an incidence of 0.0017 to 0.33 % of all cardiac tumors according to surgical and autopsy reports. Metastatic tumors from other primary sources are 30 times more common. Only 25% of all primary tumors are malignant and sarcomas constitute 75% of them. Left atrial leiomyosarcoma is extremely rare. It is elusive as it masquerades as other more common tumor such as myxoma. Multimodality imaging with echocardiography and MRI can be very helpful in identifying its location, its morphology, relation to valves such as mitral in our case and relation to adjacent cardiac structures such as pulmonary veins. In our presentation of this case report we intend to take the reader on a journey of varied facets of this extremely rare entity. In the process, we review the literature and embark on a learning experience especially with regard to multimodality imaging for all concerned in the care of this patient.


Dr. Debasish Roychoudhury is a clinical associate Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell University. He is attending cardiologist at NYPQ Hospital and has several with other academic institutions such as Mount Sinai Medical. In his clinical practice his passion is to take compassionate care of his patients with imaging studies. He has several publications in prestigious journals  and has participated in several national and international meetings.