Virtual Conference
Heart Failure

Akmaral Rustambekova

National Center of Cardiology and Internal Medicine, Kyrgyzstan

Title: Effects of remote monitoring of patients with heart failure based on smartphone application


Background: The introduction of m-Health programs into clinical practice using mobile Apps is becoming a breakthrough in strategic research on HF.

Purpose: Development and implementation of mobile App "M-cardio" for remote monitoring of patients with HF at the outpatient level, with an assessment of clinical and economic efficiency.

Methods: There were given full educate program concerning progressive symptoms of HF including physical activity, drug therapy and the need for self-control to all patients during the inpatient treatment. The patients of the main group were trained in a useful App M-cardio downloaded on phones (Android OS). After discharge, the main group of patients should fill in their clinical indicators such as shortness of breath, position in bed, heartbeat, swelling, weight, blood pressure and heart rate twice a week in a real time, if it necessary every day, in case of missing filling up to 10 a.m, the filling notifications were sent to patient's mobile phones. If there were more than two deviations in the indicators, the doctor received automatic notifications. Then the doctor contacted them via Whats App online chat or by phone for further assessment of the condition, if necessary corrected the therapy. In addition, the reasons for the appearance of deviations and the compliance of drug therapy were clarified. In the absence of filling of indicators more than 2 times, patients were contacted by phone and Whats App in order to find out the reason. Patients could keep in touch with doctor online chat on Whats App or by phone to clarify questions regarding their current condition.

Results: Today, the research included 244 patients with HF FC II-III (NYHA) caused by ischemic. Randomized into 2 groups: the 1st - main, with further remote monitoring using a mobile App (n=137), the 2nd - control, on standard outpatient monitoring (n=107). A dynamic prospective 12-month follow-up groups of patients with/without a mobile App is continue.Trial registration: # NCT04591964. 

Conclusion: Using a mobile App "M-cardio" for remote monitoring of patients with HF can reduce using of medical services, improve clinical outcomes, quality of life and the ability to self-care of patients.

Keywords:  chronic heart failure; m-Health; ambulatory monitoring; remote monitoring; mobile app.


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